Mario Orlando & Figli Event Staging And More

Stages For Events

If you are having an event of any kind, a concert, an open-air meeting or even a political function, you will need some sort of stage, a covered one, an open air stage, a tribune, barriers, and even chairs. In many cases, there’s sometimes no way to even know in advance just exactly what you’ll need. This is why it’s a good idea to talk with a company like Mario Orlando & Figli. They have been preparing and setting up the needed hardware and fixtures for these sorts of events for many years. Events like this are their specialty and you can be assured that they’ll have whatever you need to complete your function and make it a success.

Types of Stages Available

Staging is always important at any event and there are many kinds of stages to suit many purposes. Performers and speakers need to be set at a stage so attention can be focused on them but what kind of stage is best suited for your event? This can be discussed with the person handling your event. However, it doesn’t matter if you need a covered stage or uncovered you can get exactly what you need. Another problem that sometimes comes up is setting the stage on uneven ground, can that be done too? The unique modular mounting system that is used on Mario Orlando & Figli’s stages make this quite possible. The stage can even be created to be a solarium with the modular construction.

stages for open air events

The Stage Accessories

This is all made possible by the planned and patented system that allows construction versatility of our stages. We use an exclusive slotted panel system that requires no screws or joints and allows the usage of both sides of the panels. To protect against corrosion of any of the metal parts they are all hot-zinc coated. The stage flooring is also made of three layered spruce wood that is treated with thermoset resin to make them resistant to climate changes. The panels themselves are all fireproof and nonslip and come in mahogany, birch, and yellow. The stages also have access stairs, parapets, and adjustable feet. The stairs come with incorporated handrails and the support feet can be adjusted easily to satisfy level differences.

Roof Systems

Because of the modular design, all the stages can be installed with a self-mounting roof system. The system is made of PVC pipe and is not only correspondingly lightweight but also waterproof and grade 2 fireproof. The versatility and utility of these modular systems make them an excellent choice to construct staging for solariums, school shows, and even orchestras.