Masters in Human Resource Management at Bologna Business School

This Masters in Human Resources Management is offered on a full-time basis. It is an English program that is full of experience. The main aim of this master’s program is to prepare the graduates to have knowledge of the human resources management and the solutions to the challenges that they are facing in the professional.

Master's degrees at Bologna Business school

The Essentials of a Masters in Human Resource Management Degree

Masters in Human Resources Management is a combination of both the Master of Practice and the Master of Science. With highly trained Academic Professors, the academic excellence of the students is guaranteed. Graduates have the chance to tackle different issues that they might be having while they are working together with the best managers in the world.

A Successive Career

A successful career begins when one enrolls for a Masters in Human Resource Management. With the best career counseling, interactive classes, lectures from different leaders, group assignments, in company workshops, team projects with the directors and meetings with the network of alumni your career as a human resource manager will be great.

The Italian University Offering Masters of Human Resource Management

Partnering with the Universities Modena, Ferrara, Reggio Emilia and Bologna, this Italian university offers the first ever Masters Degree in Human Resource Management for you to study in Italy. This Masters in Human Resource management is a challenging program that proved the highest levels of education. It is an exciting course for one to join. This master’s degree enables one to learn all the fundamentals of Human Resource Management and get involved in different types of projects, working together with managers, professors and the whole fraternity of the students.

Requirements for you to enroll

For you to fill in a request to be admitted to the University for a Degree in Human Resources, you must be fluent in English language. While you are at the university, you will interact with the best and qualified career counselors that work hand in hand with many human resource companies. The managers normally assist the students with a wide range of services and resources. These services include assessments, ways of developing the CV, methods of hunting for the jobs, ways of finding the internship and on how to have the best interview skills.

The career department has developed a program that include about four months of internship to different companies and firms, not only in Italy but also globally.