Operate in stock market: the trading

The evolution of online trading has protracted over the years in parallel to the “dot com” era and to the capillary spreading of internet devices (mobile devices, tablets, pcs, macs,…) through which is possible to make, in real time, trading activity. Nevertheless, with the relentless hustle and always more restricted timings we have gradually lost the meaning of this fascinating word: trading.

Trading on financial markets

Traders, those carrying out the sale of any kind of object, have one mission: to earn profit by trading objects at a trade show or during a typical day of work. The sole objective is thus to sell at a higher price something that previously was bought at a lower price and make sure that this margin includes all of the incidental charges such as car trips and so on. All of this, at the end of the month, will define the salary.

stock trading market

The activity of the trader is therefore made of vital choices; thought and reasoning will determine the fate of our activity. On financial markets instead, there is a very different mentality and the stats are clear: the 90% of the investors lose their money while only the 10% achieves victory with a certain continuity.

Operate successfully on the stock market

These gruesome results are caused by a careless investment strategy and a poor propensity of the pseudo investor to deepen an activity that belongs, by all means, to the category of independent jobs.

Therefore, operating in the stock market requires first of all great passion and interest. But, to be victorious on the financial markets you will need dedication, hours and hours of study and a strict discipline related both to subjective investment strategies and to tame the most difficult component of all: the psychological one.