Know About Exterior Wall Finishes & Learn Painting Of Exterior Brick Walls

Exterior Paint Color Schemes And Methods

Quality results can be obtained on painting the exterior walls of your home by following the appropriate steps. Though proper painting of the walls can be done through the help of professionals, there are many people who also like to perform this task on their own and even have fun while doing it.

They take delight in the activities included in painting such as scraping, sanding and preparation of walls prior to climbing ladders and preparing the paint mixture.

Below are the steps included in painting of exterior walls:

A) Wall Scraping

The old paint still sticking on the exterior walls should be removed through the scraping process. The crevices and cracks should be sealed by a spackling compound or a painter’s caulk. After this, sanding of the walls should be done through the use of 100-grit sandpaper till the wood possesses a smooth feel.

B) Washing of the House through Mild Soap and Water

You can utilize a pressure sprayer in washing of your house. Even then, you have to ensure that you don’t burrow grooves into the wood. After this, rinse the remaining soap and let the wood dry totally.

C) Primer Coats Application

With the help of a wide brush, you can apply as many primer coats as are required. While performing the application, you need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

D) Application of Paint

When applying the paint, you have to begin from downwards and start at your fascia boards and eaves. The complete fascia and eaves perimeter should be painted before you commence the work on your walls.

E) Commencement of Wall Painting

nitialize the work with the wall area from the top through the implementation of long horizontal strokes by your brush. Start from the point on which paint has not been applied and proceed on the area that you just painted. The process should be repeated till you are done with the first coat. The manufacturer instructions should be followed in successive coats.

Precautions to be followed: Wear safety glasses and some material for protection of your eyes and lungs respectively.